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Your Responsibility as a Host

Whether you’re hosting or out with friends, there are simple ways to make moderation part of your night. We’ve gathered them for you, all in one convenient place.

Drinking & Driving

Remember that you may be held responsible if a guest is injured or harms another as a result of driving home from your house impaired. If you serve alcohol, it’s your responsibility to ensure your guests get home safely or stay the night.

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Responsible Hosting

It’s all about planning ahead. Here are easy tips to help you host a fun yet responsible get-together.

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Special Occasion Permits

If you are hosting your event at a location you’ve rented and it doesn’t have a liquor sales licence or you choose not to have your event take place under its licence, you need to apply for a Special Occasion Permit (SOP). SOPs are for the sale and service of beverage alcohol at special occasions such as weddings, charity fundraisers and receptions. SOPs are issued online through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario website.

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Alcohol-free options are an essential part of drinking in moderation. Our mocktails are made so you can drink something without alcohol that doesn’t make you look like the odd one out.