Good People

Our customers, employees and communities are our top priority. Here’s how we’re working to improve their health and well-being:

Promoting Safe and Informed Consumption
We champion responsible retailing practices that protect public safety and empower people to make positive drinking choices.

Helping Communities Thrive
 We’re committed to building communities where everyone has equitable access to the essential resources they need to live happy, healthy lives, regardless of gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Supporting Engaged Employees
We want our employees to feel connected to the mission and values of our organization, physically and mentally supported and empowered to achieve and exceed their goals

Responsible Service Program

Our Responsible Service Program encompasses our responsible retailing practices, which protect the safety of our employees, customers and communities. We are also deeply committed to ensuring responsible consumption and doing everything we can to keep Ontarians safe from harm.

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The LCBO Lab: Quality Assured

As one of the world’s largest beverage alcohol retailers, the LCBO Lab protects the health and well-being of Ontarians by ensuring products are tested, tasted, verified and safe to consume before they hit our shelves. In fact, the LCBO Lab is at the forefront of innovation and safety. Our standards are used as a benchmark by other Canadian liquor jurisdictions and alcohol producers. By screening for safe and authentic products, product recalls, illegal alcohol, and allergens, we equip Ontarians with the information they need to easily make informed and responsible choices.

LCBO x Equity & Diversity

In our ongoing efforts to build an inclusive business and stand against racism, injustice, and inequality, we continue to support and celebrate our Black employees, customers, and partners.

We’ve partnered with the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals to help provide essential education, skills training and employment opportunities at the LCBO. In addition to the partnership, we provided a $100,000 charitable donation to CEE to help address economic and social barriers affecting Black youth in Ontario.

To learn more or to donate, visit CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals.

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Fundraising & Community Impact

We have an extensive network of more than 660 stores which provides a powerful platform for registered charities fundraising for initiatives that improve the lives of countless Ontarians. Through the commitment of our employees and the generosity of our customers, we’re able to contribute to real impact in our communities.

When it comes to fundraising, we strategically partner with charitable organizations that have a strong track record of driving meaningful community impact across Ontario’s diverse communities. For charities or non-profits that would like to learn more about our fundraising strategy, please visit HelloLCBO.

Coming Together to Fight Food Insecurity

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we quickly pivoted our fundraising efforts to respond to the staggering increase in food insecurity. In just 21 days, we raised $3.3M to support food relief programs across Ontario.

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