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Responsible Hosting

Tip #1 Sport Smarts

Sporting fun should be done before you serve drinks to reduce injury risk.


Tip #2 Provide Transit Fare

Keep tokens, cash and telephone numbers on hand for public transit and taxis.


Tip #3 Designate a Driver

Have at least one person at the party who won’t be drinking so they can help get others home safely.


Tip #4 Keep Stomachs Full

Serve high-starch and protein foods such as meat, veggies, cheese, dips and breads. Avoid serving salty, sweet or greasy snack foods; they’ll make your guests thirstier.


Tip #5 Prepare a Guest Room

Be prepared for overnight guests.


Tip #6 Enlist Some Help

Before the party, ask someone reliable to help you keep things under control.


Tip #7 Appoint a Bartender

People tend to drink more when they serve themselves. Also, keep a jigger next to the bottles to measure your pours accurately.


Tip #8 Ending the Night

Stop serving alcohol at least an hour before the party is over. Be sure to have alcohol-free drinks (mocktails, water, juice, coffee and tea) and food available when you do. Remember that having coffee after alcohol doesn’t make you sober.


Tip #9 Call a Taxi

If guests insist on driving when they shouldn’t, take away their car keys and call a taxi for them.


Tip #10 Remember You’re the Host

Don’t drink too much yourself. You’ll be able to handle potential problems better when you can think clearly and act quickly.


Tip #11 Plan Ahead

Plan ahead so it’s easy to follow this advice.