For the Good of Ontario

Discover the spirit of Sustainability

We designed Spirit of Sustainability (SoS) to support the province’s social and environmental needs and ultimately, create a more sustainable Ontario. This platform is our bold commitment to our customers, employees and partners to hold ourselves to a higher standard. And it’s a shift in our attitude to improve the way we do business. Through SoS, we’re committed to driving meaningful change in our communities, leading the industry in sustainable practices and taking better care of the planet – all for the good of Ontario.

What's On This Month

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The LCBO Lab: Quality Assured

As part of our commitment to Safe and Informed Consumption, we are sharing how the LCBO Lab supports and protects Ontario communities. Did you know products found at the LCBO have been tested, tasted and verified before they’re made available to you? Our Quality Assurance experts test all aspects of a product, from illegal additives, sugar, and caffeine levels, to label accuracy and sustainability practices. Click here to learn more about how the LCBO Lab is at the forefront of safety and innovation!

Summer and drunk driving don’t mix

Ahead of the long weekend, we know everyone's preparing to enjoy the outdoors by driving to cottages and campgrounds for safe gatherings. Responsible consumption is important all-year-round, but there is no better time to remind people that summer and drunk driving don’t mix.

To bring awareness to this issue, you'll see recreations of an icon of Ontario’s cottage country - the Muskoka Chair - made out of material from a car wreck outside of LCBOs in Toronto, Ottawa, Gravenhurst and Huntsville. These striking installations were created by Hamilton-based metal artist, Trevor McIntyre of Imagine Metal Art. This summer, let’s keep each other and our roads safe.

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SoS in Action

Over $13.6 million raised

With the help of our generous customers, we raised over $13.6 million in charitable funds in 2020 to support the health and well-being of Ontarians.
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621,939 tests performed  on 25,338 product samples

The LCBO Lab is a national leader in product safety, innovation and quality assurance. Find out more here.

85% waste diverted

We diverted 85% of Retail Service Center waste from landfills in 2020, which equates to reducing 1,260,572 kg of CO2 emissions.

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A Message from our CEO


"I believe we have a responsibility to use our influence to do good and give back to our province, which is why I am so proud of our Spirit of Sustainability platform, and our ongoing commitments to support the well-being of our communities, minimize our environmental impacts, and lead positive change in the beverage alcohol industry."
- George Soleas
President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Pillars

Spirit of Sustainability’s efforts focus on three strategic pillars: Good People, Good Planet, and Good Partnerships. Each pillar has clear, enterprise-wide goals that allow us to measure our impact and ensure our efforts are pushing the industry and province forward.

Good People

Our customers, employees and communities are our top priority. Here’s what we’re doing to help improve their health and well-being.

Promoting Safe and Informed Consumption

We champion responsible retailing practices that protect public safety and empower people to make positive drinking choices.

Learn more about safe consumption

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Helping Communities Thrive


We’re committed to building communities where everyone has equitable access to the essential resources they need to live happy, healthy lives, regardless of gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientation or gender identity.

Learn more about how we’re building community

Supporting Engaged Employees

Our employees play an important role in over 660 stores across 300 communities in Ontario. We're committed to empowering them to achieve and exceed their goals, supporting their mental and physical health, and connecting them with our mission and values.

Learn more about Good People

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Good Planet

We care about the environment. These are the steps we’re taking to minimize our impact on the planet.

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Reducing Waste and Energy

We champion innovative practices that reduce our energy use and the amount of waste our business operations and product offerings generate. Want to help? Learn how you can recycle through Bag it Back and Stewardship Ontario.

Creating Responsible Supply Chains

We’re setting environmentally conscious standards across our supply chains to boost efficiencies. For example, our Lightweight Glass Policy plays a key role in cutting our carbon emissions and waste. This policy has caught on around the world, with liquor control boards and wineries around the globe following our lead.

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Good Partnerships

We’re leading by example and teaming up with like-minded partners to foster real positive change in our industry.

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Recognizing Good Partners

We celebrate trade partners and suppliers doing amazing work to promote diversity and inclusion, community investment and sound environmental practices. 
Learn more about Good News from our Good Partners

Enhancing Industry Diversity

We utilize our resources to increase opportunities for diversity in the beverage alcohol industry.

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Influencing Industry Standards

We are committed to influencing industry standards and encouraging the beverage alcohol industry to be more environmentally and socially conscious. Our Supplier Code of Business Conduct ensures we will not compromise on this commitment and will only work with suppliers dedicated to doing the same.

Our Impact Report

To capture and showcase our SoS 2019/20 achievements, we developed an Impact Report. From enhancing partner relations, pivoting to respond to urgent community needs during crisis, and engaging our employees in important conversations during difficult times, SoS has driven meaningful impact.

Download here