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Prevent Guests from Drinking & Driving

Designate a Driver

Plan ahead. Make sure there’s always a designated driver (DD) around to get everyone home safe and sound. Have plenty of water, juice, pop and mocktails, as DDs drink no alcohol. Depending on the size of your party or gathering, you may want to enlist several DDs.


Arrange for Parking Spots or Overnight Permits

Be a great neighbour and let your neighbours know you’ll be hosting a party, especially if it’s an outdoor gathering. Ask if it might be possible for guests to park in their driveways or, if they are away, use their parking spots. That way your guests don’t need to worry about getting ticketed or towed if they have to leave their cars behind.


Say No.

Be firm. Let your friends know you can’t let them drive home because you care.


Call for Them

Don’t be embarrassed to call someone on a friend’s behalf for a safe ride home.


Call the Cab Yourself

It’s a lot easier to convince someone to take a cab if it’s already arrived.


Keys Please

Be discreet and calm. It’s always better to pull friends aside to talk to them in private.


Strength in Numbers

If you feel awkward about asking for their keys or persuading them to take the cab you’ve called, enlist someone else’s help.


Persistence Is Key

Don’t give in. Insist your guests take another way home.


Last Resort

Be prepared to call the police for help. It’s tough, but it could save lives.



Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Hello

LCBO’s toll-free contact centre 1-800-ONT-LCBO (1-800-668-5226)

HelloLCBO’s Contact Centre (Toronto) 416-365-5900