Salads of Substance

Easy and quick to prepare, these sturdy salads use grains or substantial vegetables and robust, flavourful varieties of lettuce as a base. Each salad is topped with a protein that matches its flavour profile, providing both contrast and harmony. Spicy chorizo is perfect with chickpeas, and a salsa draws it all together. Succulent ribs pair beautifully with a rich combination of mushrooms and squash, all in the tart South Carolina style. Serving scallops with lentils is a classic French preparation, while Japanese flavours dominate flank steak and its soba-noodle and vegetable base, a gluten-free option. Finally, a salad of strawberries, goat cheese, gem lettuce and pistachios served with oven-fried chicken pleases kids as well as adults; the sweetness and crispness is a winning combination. Each of these salads can be made ahead and will keep well, undressed, for a day. Add the dressing just before serving.

Strawberry Salad with Goat Cheese, Pistachio and Oven-Fried Chicken Thighs

A crisp, fruity Sancerre or a lightweight Ontario Cabernet Franc work beautifully alongside.

Southern Barbecue Ribs with Squash and Mushroom Succotash Salad

Serve with a big, smoky Aussie Shiraz or rich malty brown ale.


Chickpea Salad with Grilled Chorizo and Salsa Rosso

Off-dry Ontario Riesling or dry craft cider bring tangy fruit to the table.


Japanese Noodle and Vegetable Salad with Flank Steak

Try a juicy Beaujolais-Villages or a complex craft-brewed IPA.


Green on Greens with Scallops

A crisp Ontario brut bubbly or New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc are ideal pairings.