Lagered Ale (Kölsch)

Lagered Ale (Kölsch)

If you want to change up what’s in your beer fridge, try a Kölsch. Crisp and refreshing, it's fermented like a lager, with very little bitterness.

Once upon a time, you had to travel to Köln, Germany, to sip the region’s famously dry, hoppy Kölsch ale. (The waiters who serve Kölsch keep replacing your empty glass with full ones until you cover your glass or ask for the bill.) True Kölsch ales still only come from that region, though there are many "Kölsch-style" ales to try as well.

The smooth complexity of aged ale with a clean, easygoing finish. This light- to medium-bodied beer balances grassy hops and grapey malts.

Savour Kölsch’s light bitterness and clean finish with a fruity dessert, such as a pie or tart. They also pair wonderfully with savoury dishes as well, such as charcuterie, sausages, hearty sandwiches or a cheese plate.

 Kölsch is traditionally served in a tall cylindrical glass known as a stange (German for rod or pole). Known as the Champagne flutes of the beer world, the shape focuses aromas and preserves delicate carbonation. The small size also ensures that your Kölsch doesn't have time to become warm. (If you don't have a stange, serve in any tall flute-shaped glass, or a Tom Collins glass.  

Kölsch should be served lightly chilled. If it's too cold, you may miss out on the complexity of flavour that Kölsch is known for.

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