Craft Lagers

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Light and crisp lager is to summer what chaise lounges are to docks and decks. The perfect beer for a sunny day, craft lagers are subtle in flavour and best enjoyed well chilled. They're also the barbecue’s best friend, whether you’re digging into spicy skewers or a stacked-up burger.

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Think of lagers as the white wines of the beer family. Like whites, lagers are fermented with a slower-acting yeast that likes cool temperatures and takes its time, resulting in a clean, brisk and brilliant brew. This entire family of beers didn’t bubble up to the surface until the 1870s, when a separate bottom-fermenting yeast for lagers was classified. But when golden lagers and pilsners (a type of pale lager) first appeared, their dazzling clarity, pale hue, and delicate balance of light hops and fresh grain quickly propelled them to the top of the list of the most popular beer styles on the planet, where they remain today.

You May Taste
Lagers deliver very delicate hop flavours with subtle grain or cereal notes and a dry finish.

Sip Them With
Pair craft lagers with barbecue favourites, like grilled sausages and burgers. These versatile brews also shine alongside sandwiches and salty snacks.

Serving Tips
Use a lager glass, which is tall with a slender base. The shape allows the bubbles to rise to the top while the wider mouth develops the beer's profile and maintains the head. Lager is best at cool temperatures (3-10°C) which augment its crispness without being numbing the palate.

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