Session Beers


Looking for a lighter brew for the new year? Session beers are lower-alcohol versions of your favourite styles and a great choice for delicious winter sipping.

Ready to Explore?
New to the craft scene, session beers deliver big flavour and depth with a lower amount of alcohol (5% ABV or less). Rumour has it these brews first emerged in England during World War I when workers were allotted two four-hour drinking periods, or “sessions,” per day, which called for a lighter brew. While session lagers and IPAs are popular among craft beer fans today, a range of beer styles offer "sessionable" or lower-strength versions.

You May Taste
It all depends on the session beer style. With a session IPA, for example, you can expect the same flavours you'd find in a full-strength IPA, including bright floral or herbal aromas with notes of tropical fruit, coconut, stone fruit, white cracker or pizza dough malt. Session IPAs typically also feature low-to-medium bitterness and a light, effervescent body.
Sip Them With
You can generally pair session beers as you would their full-strength counterparts. For example, enjoy a session IPA with Thai noodle salad, shrimp or guacamole, or match a session stout with steak, lamb or brisket.

Serving Tips
The flavours and alcohol levels of session beers differ greatly, so sample a few to find your favourite. Serve them cold out of the fridge, poured into a tulip or pint glass. As the beer warms, you'll notice more of its aromas and flavours.

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