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Fresh start

A stunning array of appetizers to get your party going.



Festive feasting

Dine like they do in Denmark with this traditional holiday dinner party menu.

Bring on the bubbly

Everything you need to know to choose, serve, pair and gift sparkling wine—in every style and for every budget.


Local attractions

Ontario has all you need for stocking your bar and discovering fabulous gifts and treats. 

Seasonal recipes & tips

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Tradition with a twist

Beloved Hanukkah classics are reimagined with a fresh, new approach everyone will applaud.

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Sweet delights

Discover chocolate treats to add to your baking and gifting repertoires.

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Cocktail of the month

Discover seasonal cocktail recipes.

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House party

Skip the gingerbread and try three spectacular houses made from unique sweet and savoury ingredients. Find recipes and printable templates for preparing these impressive centrepieces. 

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Holiday hosting portion planner

Deciding on how much to buy and cook for a holiday gathering can be daunting. Use this handy chart and get tips for reducing food waste

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From the archives

Find recipes featured in the Holiday 2021 Issue.