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At Vintages, we have a long tradition of offering the very best of each Bordeaux vintage as Futures, based on our buyers’ and the critics’ impressions at the annual en primeur tastings in Bordeaux. Here are our current Futures offerings.

Bordeaux Futures 2020

Bordeaux Futures 2020

“In tasting, the 2020s impress for a combination of energy and vibrancy that is hugely appealing.” Antonio Galloni,

Reviews are in, and Bordeaux’s 2020 vintage is shaping up to be one to watch.

“A complicated vintage that is worthy of close attention … The best 2020 wines undoubtedly have significant aging potential.” Lisa Perrotti-Brown, MW,

“The wines sizzle with brightness and mineral-drenched vibrancy … the most successful wines are unquestionably dazzling.” Antonio Galloni,

“2020 is the third outstanding vintage in a row for Bordeaux and marks perhaps the first time the region has experienced such a high-quality trilogy.” James Suckling,

“There no longer seems to be the need to choose the biggest tannins for the main estate wine, and instead many choose to prioritise site expression.” Jane Anson,

Having tasted and carefully considered well over 100 of the wines themselves, our Bordeaux Futures panel have selected the best wines, the smartest buys, and the hidden gems of the vintage.

The tasting panel

Lisa Chapman has been with the LCBO for more than 19 years. This vintage marks her fifth Bordeaux Futures campaign as part of the tasting panel and buying team.

Paul Farrell has been with the LCBO for more than 20 years. This is his seventh campaign as part of the tasting panel and buying team.

Igor Ryjenkov, MW, has been with the LCBO for more than 21 years. This is his fourth campaign as part of the tasting panel.

Our impressions of the vintage

The 2020 vintage is shaping up to be an interesting one. We began tasting the wines before any critical reviews were published and our initial evaluation was that 2020 was a good to very good vintage. We found the Right Bank wines in particular showed a remarkably fruit-forward style almost reminiscent of modern New World wines, while the Left Bank exhibited a classic Bordeaux style. As the reviews rolled in, they seemed to share our appraisal of the vintage. Now our focus is bringing you the best that Bordeaux’s 2020 vintage has to offer.

Bordeaux Futures 2020

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Bordeaux Futures 2019

Bordeaux Futures 2019

Third Offer 

The Bordeaux Futures 2019 campaign has been tremendously successful, and Vintages is excited to announce that we have been able to secure more allocations of many of the wines that had previously sold out. We are also offering more wines in large formats. Bordeaux 2019 is one for the ages and we are thrilled to be able to offer you even more.

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—Online ordering begins Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 8:30 a.m. 

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Bordeaux Futures 2019: Fantastic Quality, Lower Prices

“[Right and Left Bank] are all just really good quality wines and some are fantastic.” (James Suckling,, May 13, 2020)

Due to restrictions surrounding COVID-19, Bordeaux’s 2019 en primeur tastings took place remotely, with participating châteaux arranging for samples to be sent to many of the world’s top wine critics.

The consensus of the world’s wine press, and others, is that the wines of 2019 Bordeaux are of an exceptional quality.

“The indications are that Bordeaux’s 2019s are stylistically similar to the 2016s and ’18s, and that this is going to be a very good to excellent vintage. One exciting aspect of this unique campaign is that, in general, prices are lower than they were for the 2018s, and in some cases are significantly lower. This is quite unusual for vintages of similar quality and style.” (Paul Farrell, Category Manager, European Wines, LCBO)

“Our prices will go down, which means it is going to be a great bargain for such a fine wine.” (Véronique Sanders, director of Château Haut-Bailly, quoted in Wine Enthusiast, June 17, 2020)

“The top wines on the Left Bank seem less lush but more structured than in 2018, so closer to 2016 in style ... [while the] top Right Bank wines seem closer to 2018 in style. They are rich and lush in many cases, although with slightly higher acidity levels than in 2018.” (Jane Anson,, April 16, 2020)

Bordeaux Futures 2019

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