Responsible Service Program

Responsible Service Program

Selling alcohol responsibly is a public trust. Delivering on the LCBO’s commitment to safe and informed consumption; prioritizing the health and well-being of Ontarians, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep our employees, customers and communities safe from harm.

Each and every day, LCBO retail employees demonstrate their vigilance in preventing sales to minors, those who appear intoxicated or those attempting to shop for either of those individuals. It can be one of the most difficult aspects of the job, but it’s one that trained LCBO retail employees take very seriously.

The results? LCBO staff challenged more than 13.1 million individuals in 2018–19 for failing to produce valid ID, appearing intoxicated or attempting to purchase for a minor or an impaired individual. Service was refused to nearly 242,000 people, with 82 per cent for reasons of age.


Be ID Ready Policy

It is our policy to encourage all customers (especially those under the age of 25) to always have their ID ready.


Intoxication Policy

It is our policy to refuse the sale of alcohol to those who appear intoxicated.


Second Party Purchase  

It is our policy to refuse the sale of alcohol to anyone who appears to be buying for someone intoxicated or under the age of 19.