The Vintages Guide to the World of Wine

Pairing Wine with Food

Feature Story: Match Making

Our pairing primer will help you make quick work of finding fabulous food matches for eight styles of wine.

(5 min. read)

Best by Northwest: Oregon & Washington 

Feature Story: Best by Northwest

In their relatively short viticultural history, Washington and Oregon have capitalized on their respective climates to create much-admired signatures as spectacular as the local landscape.

(4 min. read)

Understanding Wine Scores

Feature Story: A Ratings and Reviews Primer

Understanding Wine Scores
(5 min. read)

Wine reviews and their accompanying scores are top tools for understanding the nuances of wine and finding something you love. 

Stellar South Africa

Feature Story: Stellar South Africa

Along with its signature Chenin Blanc and Pinotage, South Africa boasts a wide range of international favourites like Syrah, Cabernet and Chardonnay, making it a go-to destination for approachable, affordable wines.

(4 min. read)

Signature Wines from 7 Key New World Regions

Feature Story: Wonders of the New World

Signature Wines from Seven Key New World regions
(5 min. read)


Whether you’re new to wine or a seasoned pro dashing into the store to grab something suitable for dinner tonight, understanding signature styles will help you make champion choices.

Old World Classics and their New World Contemporaries

Feature story: Classic and contemporary wines

Old World Classics and their New World Contemporaries
(4 min. read)

Born and bred in Europe, some of the wine world’s best-known and best-loved grapes journeyed to faraway shores and set down roots, creating a new world of benchmark expressions.

Cool-Climate Chardonnay

Feature story: Cool-climate Chardonnay

Cool-climate wine regions around the world offer up their own refreshing take on the beloved Chardonnay grape.

(4 min. read)

Spain Explained

FEATURE STORY: Spain Explained

Robust Rioja reds are just the beginning.

The real Spain is all about diverse regions, a range of indigenous grapes, proprietary styles, and production methods not used anywhere else.
(4 min. read)


FEATURE STORY: Awesome Australian Wines

To some, this faraway continent is the land of koalas and kangaroos. 

For wine lovers, it’s known as the home of an awe-inspiring range of awesome wines crafted across diverse regions.
(5 min. read)

10 Women, 10 Stories

FEATURE STORY: Women of Influence

10 women, 10 stories
(5 min. read) 

In their wineries and in the larger wine world, these 10 progressive producers and principals are pushing innovation while upholding generations-old traditions.

New Zealand’s Wines, Landscapes & Food

New Zealand’s wines, landscapes and food

New Zealand’s wines, landscapes and food

With its stunning scenery and stellar range of top-notch wines, New Zealand exudes allure from all angles.

Organic, Biodynamic & Sustainable Wines

FEATURE STORY: Green Evolution

Organic, biodynamic & sustainable wines

In wine regions around the world, eco-minded producers are adopting organic, sustainable and biodynamic practices and proving that green is good for the planet and your palate.

Paradise Islands: Sicily & Sardinia 

FEATURE STORY: Paradise Islands

Sicily & Sardinia

Perfectly positioned off Italy’s coast, sun-soaked Sicily and Sardinia are havens for a host of native grapes.

The Wines of Portugal

The Wines of Portugal

Portugal’s wines, grapes and popular food pairings 
(4 min. read)

With its wealth of native grapes and value-driven, food-friendly wines  diminutive Portugal packs a punch.

Classic European Regions

California Stars & Signatures

Classic European Regions
(6 min. read)

If you’re not already a convert, our European primer will connect you with the world’s most venerable and venerated wine regions and their delicious wines.

California’s Wines, Grapes & Growing Areas

California Stars & Signatures

California’s wines, grapes and growing areas 
(4 min. read)

A star region through and through, California continues to consistently craft top-quality Cabs, Zins, Chards and more. Renowned for its iconic producers and styles, California sits atop the New World’s quality pyramid. 

Burgundy’s Wines, Grapes & Growing Areas

The Burgundy Beat

Burgundy’s wines, grapes and growing areas 
(3 min. read)

The ancestral home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Burgundy is not only one of the oldest and most important of wine regions but also one of the finest. Burgundy’s food-friendly, handcrafted wines have set the benchmark for true provenance, but that doesn’t mean they’re for collectors and connoisseurs alone.

How Nature Shapes the Wines We Love

Sun, Soil & Soaring Heights

How nature shapes the wines we love 
(6 min. read)

It’s elemental, my dear! Learn how altitude, water-borne wind, topography and soil can push grapes to their limits and in the process uniquely shape the wines you love.

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