Sustainable Stores

The LCBO is committed to improving the efficiency and sustainability of our 663 store locations. New stores in 2018 are 25 to 30 per cent more energy efficient than 10 years ago. Here are a few other ways we’re striving to be more sustainable.

•  Over 245 stores and all warehouses and depots have Bonar bins, which collect all defective, damaged containers and alcohol — all the contents of the bins are recycled, including the alcohol. All other stores have recycling totes for paper, cans and bottles.

•  All clear plastic, shrink wrap and plastic beer rings are recycled.

•  Old corrugated cardboard at LCBO stores, warehouses and depots is recycled.

•  Used gift cards, DVDs, plastic cash register reels and old electronics (including computers, hard drives and phones) are all recycled.

•  All paper products and paper bags are recycled. 

•  Cash receipts are BPA-free and are recycled through the stores.

•  Waste reduction in stores has decreased with all the recycling initiatives implemented; stores have reduced waste by 60 per cent.

•  The LCBO has banned any product packaged with lead capsules.

•  Suppliers must comply with the LCBO product and packaging standards. No excess packaging is allowed. 

•  The LCBO was the first retailer in Canada in 1992 to offer cloth enviro bags.

•  In 2008, the LCBO discontinued the use of plastic bags, annual elimination of over 80 million plastic bags.

•  Products in ceramic containers have been banned, except for “collector’s items.”

•  In 2009, the LCBO discontinued the use of eight-pack carriers.