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Lightweight Bottle Program

Our lightweight glass policy touches all three pillars of the LCBO’s new Spirit of Sustainability strategy: Good People, Good Planet and Good Partnerships. We are always identifying opportunities to evolve the program and do even more. Read more to learn about how we are expanding the program.  

The Lightweight Bottle Program launched in 2010 and focused on 750 mL volume products. Given the success of the program, we are now expanding to include 1000 to 1500 mL glass bottles. Lightweight glass provides ergonomic benefits for our Retail and Supply Chain employees through reduced case weight handling, reduces carbon emissions through more sustainable distribution, and supports and recognizes sustainability efforts by our suppliers and partners in the beverage alcohol industry. With well over 90 per cent of products packaged in 740 mL glass bottles meeting the LCBO’s lightweight glass requirements today, we have reduced annual waste by more than six million kilograms: that’s the weight of 60 blue whales.

The LCBO’s Lightweight Bottle Program has had national and international environmental influence: wineries have adopted lighter bottles to supply the LCBO, and other liquor boards have followed the LCBO’s lead, introducing the policy into their practices. Our accomplishment is a credit to our partnership with our Trade Suppliers, and we thank all of our partners who have worked together with the LCBO to evolve product packaging.