Patio Perfection: Get Ideas, Inspiration & Recipes

The very best place to eat, drink and be merry this year is the outdoor space right at your door. Raise the bar with the latest décor touches, Prosecco cocktails with plenty of sparkle and delectable hassle-free nibbles to make your own patio the ultimate “it” spot for summer.

Prosecco Cocktails

Bright and cheerful flavours like cucumber, rhubarb and strawberry pair perfectly with sweetly versatile Prosecco. Easy pre-batched cocktail mixes come together in minutes and can be made ahead so you can whip up a sparkling cocktail or mocktail anytime—make a batch of your favourite flavour to keep on hand.

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Martini Prosecco DOC
Astoria Prosecco
Zonin Prosecco Brut 1821 DOC

Set the Mood

Creating a stylish space is easier than it sounds. Whether you have a large terrace or a diminutive balcony, you don’t need to buy an entire new outdoor set or hire a landscape designer—just focus on the basics. The key is mixing and matching, whether you’re using multiple colours or different décor styles.



No greenery in your backyard? No problem. Cluster potted tropical plants in an array of heights to add verdant appeal. Look for plants that will thrive outdoors all summer long, such as fiddle-leaf fig trees and dramatic elephant ear plants.



When it comes to arranging your flowers, “don’t be afraid—just go for it,” says floral designer Caitlin Bolton of Northern Blush Floral in Alliston, Ont. Bolton, who works with local Ontario flower growers to create unexpected combinations—such as mixing hand-dyed palm fans with delicate anemones and roses—encourages people to celebrate the unusual.



Flickering candlelight is an inexpensive way to add atmosphere to an outdoor patio. There’s no such thing as too many candles; mix and match different styles of candle holders. A simple scattering of tea lights in small jars on table surfaces also works wonders.



As tempting as it may be to use paper napkins, fabric cocktail napkins are a sustainable and elegant choice. Look for prewashed napkins in a linen and cotton blend—they can be screen-printed with a logo or any message you want, and the slightly rumpled look doesn’t require ironing.


Summer Crostini
Perfect for vegetarians, a richly satisfying walnut and roasted pepper spread is topped with bright zucchini ribbons tossed in a lemon chili dressing—and then layered on toasted sourdough.

Little Gem Hand Salad
Wedges of Little Gem lettuce topped with finely chopped egg and a herbaceous tuna dressing become whimsical “salads” meant to be eaten out of hand.

Halibut Koftesi & Dilled Fava Spread

A pescatarian alternative to traditional Turkish köftesi, light and lemony fish “meatballs” are paired with a make-ahead dilled fava spread.

Grilled Lamb & Whisky Punch

Lamb & Spiced Peanut Sauce
Fragrant flavours of cumin, allspice and smoked paprika add warmth to a simple peanut sauce, all the better served with just-off-the-grill seared lamb and thin slices of macerated cucumber.

Tropical White Whisky Punch
Combined with the smoothness of coconut water, the flavours of passion fruit and lime are the perfect foils to unaged white whisky.

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White Owl Whisky

Strawberry Pimm’s Cup

This classic British cocktail is reimagined with the extra sweetness of two brimming cups of sliced Ontario strawberries.

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Pimm’s No. 1 Cup