All Surf, No Turf: In-Season Canadian Seafood Recipes

From B.C. spot prawns to the first east coast lobsters of the year, Canadian seafood is now in season and at the peak of deliciousness.

Whether it’s the Atlantic or the Pacific, our oceans are, well, an ocean away from us Ontarians, and until recently, some shellfish was perceived as a rarity on the dinner table here. Lucky for us, the freshest seafood is now more readily available through speedy and efficient distribution channels than ever before. Here are four preparations for Canada’s finest offerings from the sea.


Korean-Style Grilled Cheese Lobster

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Seafood Tip: The claws of North Atlantic lobster differ in size for good reason—the smaller “pincher” is used to tear the flesh of prey while the larger, more powerful “crusher claw” is rather self-explanatory.

What To Serve
Food-friendly Fielding Unoaked Chardonnay VQA has tangy-sweet apple fruit and enough weight and balanced acidity to stand up to the spicy and savoury dish. 


Greek-Style Spot Prawn Cocktail

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Seafood Tip: Spot prawns are one of the most anticipated seasonal foods in B.C. They are available live during harvest season starting in May and for a relatively brief six to eight weeks. Thankfully, they can also be found frozen year-round.

What To Serve
Albariño is a classic pairing for seafood. This Paco & Lola Albariño fruit will balance the dish’s sharpness, while the crisp acidity cuts the richness of the feta dip.


Beer & Bacon Mussels with Toasted Garlic Crumbs

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Seafood Tip: In Eastern Canada’s Atlantic waters, cultured mussels are suspended from raft lines and grown and harvested using aquatic farming methods. Never touching the ocean bottom means next to zero opportunity for picking up any unwanted grit or sand.

What To Serve
Great Lakes Pompous Ass English Ale’s
malty sweetness will tone down the dish’s salty, garlicky and peppery elements. Its carbonation and hoppy notes cleanse the palate.


Citrus Butter Crab with Ricotta Gnudi

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Seafood Tip: With its distinctive rich, sweet flavour, red king crab is the most prized of the king crab species.

What To Serve
Prosecco’s effervescence will slice through the dish’s creaminess. Santa Margherita Brut Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore tropical fruit tones will soften the assertive Parmesan flavours and spice.