Fired-Up Barbecue Brunch Recipes

Fired-Up Barbecue Brunch Recipes

Skip blasting the oven on a hot morning — and spend time outside with friends and family — with a relaxed, make-ahead brunch (see our prep guide below). Plus, this laid-back menu leaves time to just chill out for rest of the afternoon.

Cedar-Planked Maple Trout Salad with Grilled Avocado

For pairing with this salad, we pick up on the woody, lightly smoky notes from cedar-plank barbecuing and the buttery texture of grilled avocado. A white Burgundy is superb with this dish; notes of spice and toasted nuts create a seamless experience on the palate.


Charred Tomato Gazpacho

The combination of tomato and vinegar gives gazpacho its verve, and it also means that the soup's wine pairing needs ample acidity. A dry Spanish rosé (rosado) brings fresh berry flavours, bright acidity and a lively synergy.


Breakfast Sausages with Charred Onion with Apricot Mostarda

A VQA Ontario Riesling is a wonderful match, replaying the fruity notes of the mostarda while countering the pungency of mustard with light sweetness. The wine’s crisp acidity cuts through any oiliness from the sausage.


Grilled Plum Caprese Pizza

Pick up on the caramelized sweetness of grilled plums with a vibrant and honeyed Vouvray. Made with the Chenin Blanc grape variety, Vouvray has a racy acidity that balances sweetness and lush, fruity flavours to complement the pizza.


Grilled Kiwi Parfait with Coconut-Cashew Granola

For dessert, the pleasing sourness of Greek yogurt is balanced by honey and the natural sweetness of kiwi. A too-sweet drink could get in the way, so choose a palate-refreshing cooler that’s not cloying.


Make-Ahead Prep Guide

Get this meal prepped and served before noon with this step-by-step guide. When company arrives, simply grill the finishing touches and be ready to sit back and enjoy.

1 week in advance:

Make Apricot Mostarda, if including sausages in menu.


3 days in advance:

Prep granola for parfait. Store in an airtight container.


2 days in advance:

Char tomatoes and jalapeño for gazpacho. Store in refrigerator.

Make dressing for salad. Cure trout in salt–maple syrup mixture; rinse, then pat dry. Refrigerate trout until ready to grill on cedar.


1 day before:

Slice plums, tear mozzarella, and mix chopped parsley and basil with olive oil for pizza. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until ready to make pizza.

Prepare ingredients for salad (except avocado); immerse radish slices and green onion in cold water. Refrigerate all prepared ingredients.

Slice onion for breakfast sausage, if including in menu. Refrigerate.


Morning of:

Spoon yogurt into parfait dishes for dessert.

Cedar-planked trout does not have to be served hot. Place it on the grill first and reserve the

more time-sensitive items, such as grilled avocado, breakfast sausage and pizza, for just before serving.