14 Stunning Holiday Cookies

There’s no such thing as too many cookies, and with that in mind we’ve pulled out all the stops with four themed cookie boxes, great for mixing and matching or gifts, cookie exchanges — or for enjoying on your own!

A box of cookies p123

Fancy Favourites

We all have our favourite cookies that we look forward to enjoying during the holidays; crunchy, buttery familiar shapes and tastes. This box is full of beloved mainstays with a few sleek updates. They’re all as perfect for eating as they are for gifting.


1. Dark Rye Flour Wreaths
2. Poppy Seed Sablés
3. Plum Slices

box of cookies p124

Seasonal Spices

From crackling fires and evergreens to mulled cider and strings of popcorn, the holidays are ingrained with memory-evoking scents. And at the top of that list is always the smell of warm cookies baking in the oven. They smell and taste like yesteryear, but they look very much like today.

1. Hazelnut-Anise Icebox Cookies
2. Apricot-Allspice Window Cookies
3. Spiced Thumbprints with Citrus Curd
4. Sugared Ginger Cookies

Classic Redux

We would never take away your favourite cookies but what if we gave them a fresh spin to make them even better? Hold onto your touques because these are going to become your new holiday staples. Classics will never go out of style, but that doesn’t mean we can’t evolve the cookie jar.

1. Meringue Swirled Shortbreads
2. Cardamom-Pistachio Sugar Cookies
3. Florentine Slab Cookie

Tray of cookies p125

Chocolate Cookies

For the Cocoa-Nut

There are cookie lovers, there are chocolate lovers, and then there are those who love both equally and passionately. These cookies are for them. The ante has been upped with a wide range of textures and complementary flavours such as rye whisky, vanilla bean and espresso, entwined with the classics.

1. White Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
2. Chocolate-Coffee Madeleines
3. Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Whisky Filling
4. Salted Double Dark Chocolate Cookies