5 Food & Drink Trends for 2021

With the explosion of hot chocolate bombs, emergence of pizza subscriptions and hoarding of fancy condiments (got a bottle of your local’s chili oil stashed in the fridge door?), there are lots of exciting trends to try. Here’s what we are forecasting to be everywhere in 2021.


Alternative Baking Flours

Last year, everyone was feeding their sourdough mothers and baking up a storm. Now that so many people have become expert bakers, it will be no surprise to see the rise of flours that go beyond all-purpose. Look for foods and recipes featuring interesting varieties like vegetable- and fruit-based (kale, cauliflower, blueberry and so many more) flours, amaranth, oat, cricket (it’s protein-packed) and buckwheat. Experiment with flour alternatives by baking up a batch of our buckwheat brownies or Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies.


Yes, More Fried Chicken 

There’s no denying fried chicken is a popular classic to begin with, but pile on everyone’s great desire for comfort food and this dish is going to dominate in 2021. Support your local (they probably have many options) and try your hand at home with one of our favourite spicy incarnations


Plant-Based, Vegan
and Flexitarian Cooking 

A decade ago, some may have paused at the idea of veganism becoming mainstream. With more and more product offerings and loads of social inspiration, these eating choices have become a big part of our everyday cooking. Try a vegan version of Pulled Mushroom Sandwiches, and find a handful of plant-based or flexitarian recipes, plus more healthy-ish options.


Low-Waste Cooking and Cocktailing 

With everything on our minds these days, you’d think this emerging trend would be set aside, but thoughtful, eco-conscious choices continue to be embraced. Cheers to that — with cocktails made from leftover citrus or herbs, of course!


Spiked Kombucha 

Hot off the heels of the hard-seltzer trend, spiked kombucha, is the next boozy bubbles trend. Try these, and watch for more options in the coming year.