Sustainable Partners

We’re committed to supporting and recognizing our sustainable partners and the important work they’re doing. These are a few featured partners who are making quality products with a focus on sustainability.

Vineyard grapes

Pelee Island Winery

Certified sustainable. Bona fide delicious.

Island life is all about sustainability. That’s why Pelee Island is a 100 per cent Canadian certified-sustainable winery.

Grapes are grown according to the World Wildlife Fund’s strict sustainable vineyard practices, and over 100 acres are certified organic. With more than 500 acres under vine, the winery is the largest private estate in Canada.

Cowbell Brewing Co.

Cowbell Brewing Co.

More (sustainable) cowbell.

Cowbell opened North America’s first carbon-neutral brewery in 2017 with one objective: to be a good steward and avoid any impact on the municipal system.

Since opening in 2017, its most significant reduction in water consumption has been achieved in the brewing process. For example, Cowbell’s rectification technology allows it to produce more beer with less water (a 250-litre reduction per batch), and it uses ionized air to rinse cans rather than water. This alone will save five million litres this year.



Bacardi, a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, has aligned its corporate responsibility goals with the UN Sustainable Development Goals with its new environmental initiative, Good Spirited. The company has set ambitious targets to reduce its environmental impact with a focus on overall water efficiency, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, zero-waste-to-landfill programs, and a reduction of single-use plastic across the supply chain.