Ontario VQA Winemakers are Good Partners

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These local wineries make life better in their communities

Ontario's VQA winemakers are deeply rooted in towns and cities across Ontario, from the Niagara Peninsula to Prince Edward County to Lake Erie North Shore, working closely with local farmers and grape growers to craft amazing wines while supporting their local economies.

Local VQA winemakers proudly support charities and organizations that directly help the people in their communities. For example, The Foreign Affair stepped up during the Covid-19 crisis, using their equipment to create hand sanitizer for first responders. Sales from Wayne Gretzky Estates support the Canadian Paralympic Committee and D’Ont Poke the Bear is creating kinder schools with its anti-bullying initiatives.

Ontario’s VQA producers are also lending a hand by keeping their communities green. Thirteen local VQA wineries, including Pelee Island, Henry of Pelham and Château Des Charmes, are designated Sustainable Winemaking Ontario Certified and committed to reducing waste and energy, using sustainable power methods and showing leadership in social responsibility.

When you support these Good Partners in Ontario, you can feel good about making a choice that also supports worthy causes in our own backyard.

Shop wines from our Good Partners

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D'Ont Poke The Bear Red VQA Bag In Box

A delicious blend of Cabernet and Baco Noir from the winery that funds the Friends First foundation's anti-bullying awareness and prevention efforts.
Buy D'Ont Poke The Bear Red VQA

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Inniskillin Late Autumn Riesling VQA

This benchmark Niagara Riesling is produced by one of Canada's oldest wineries, which has partnered with Startup Canada to celebrate entrepreneurial changemakers and disruptors.
Buy Inniskilin Late Autumn Riesling VQA

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Magnotta Pinot Grigio Venture Series VQA

The family-owned Niagara winery behind this dry, vibrant white created the G. Magnotta Lyme Disease Research Lab to help combat vector-borne diseases, like Lyme disease.
Buy Magnotta Pinot Grigio

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Château Des Charmes Pinot Noir Estate Bottled VQA

Renowned for its sustainably produced wines like this stellar Pinot Noir, this Niagara winery donates a portion of its sales to the Camp Kerry Society to help the bereaved.
Buy Château Des Charmes Pinot Noir Estate Bottled VQA

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Vineland Cabernet Franc VQA

From a winery that supports frontline health care workers and public health, this fruity local gem features black fruit, spice, chocolate and plum notes.
Buy Vineland Cabernet Franc VQA

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Pelee Island Pelee Pink VQA

This is a juicy rosé crafted by the sustainable winery that's working to support vital wetlands to protect wildlife habitats on Pelee Island.
Buy Pelee Island Pelee Pink VQA

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Wayne Gretzky Chardonnay VQA

Sales from every product from the Great One's Niagara estate, including this crisp Chardonnay support the Canadian Paralympic Committee.
Buy Wayne Gretzky Chardonnay VQA

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The Foreign Affair The Conspiracy Ripasso Style

This impressive wine is produced by the Niagara Escarpment winery that distilled, bottled and distributed 75,000 bottles of free sanitizer to first responders.
Buy The Foreign Affair The Conspiracy

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Sibling Rivalry White VQA

A big supporter of local charities, Henry of Pelham Winery also does their part to protect the land for future generations by crafting sustainable wines, like this dry, balanced white.
Buy Sibling Rivalry White VQA

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Dillon's Vermouth

The Beamsville distiller behind this rich vermouth is known for pitching in for their community and producing hand sanitizer during the Covid-19 crisis.
Buy Dillon's Vermouth

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Butterflied Chickens Roasted on Old-Fashioned Stuffing

This juicy roast chicken is excellent served with a fruit-forward Riesling, Pinot Noir or rosé. 

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