When It Comes to Summer Entertaining, It’s Rosé All the Way

If any drink embodies summer, it’s rosé. With such a broad range of styles available — from dry to off-dry, slightly sweet to lusciously sweet, and even sparkling — there’s a fantastic match for virtually everything you’re eating. Let’s just say there’s a rosé pairing for every course, from appetizers through to dessert. Yes, it is that food-friendly!

 When It Comes to Summer Entertaining, It’s Rosé All the Way

Spanish-Style Dishes & Rosé Wines

Even if you can’t make it to Ibiza this summer you can still recreate its laid-back vibe with this simple menu. These dishes are inspired by the Spanish island’s abundance of fresh ingredients, and the most versatile of summer wines, rosé — pairing a different bottle with each recipe.

Grilled Clams & Scallions Over Pan con Tomate

Start with our Grilled Clams & Scallions Over Pan con Tomate paired with  Lafage Miraflors Rosé. This wine offers lots of bright red-fruit notes that match nicely with the tomato, plus its minerality makes it a great complement to the shellfish. It’s also light bodied, which makes it a great way to start a meal.


Spanish Tortilla with Serrano Ham & Greens in Citrus Vinaigrette

Alfresco dining calls for refreshing, easy-going wines that are delicious but don’t demand too much attention. Radio Boka Rosé from the Castilla region in Spain is just that. Lots of big, juicy strawberry flavour, along with bright acidity and a touch of dried herbs, make this rosé a lovely pairing for a tortilla. It’s made from the Monastrell grape and doesn’t dominate or overwhelm the delicate nature of the egg in this dish.


Sheep’s Milk Cheese Plate

Campo Viejo Rosé is made from the Tempranillo grape, which comes from the famous Spanish region of Rioja. This wine has a bit more body than lighter rosés, making it well-suited to a cheese plate. You’ll find loads of red- and black-fruit flavours, such as strawberry and blackberry. These work wonderfully with cheese — and the wine’s acidity does a great job of  refreshing the palate.


Strawberry Granita and Lemon Pignoli Cookies

Off-dry Fresh Sparkling Rosé from Niagara is a terrific way to finish your meal. The Gamay in the blend offers bright, fruity notes of strawberry and cherry, while Riesling brings a refreshing citrus note. The wine is sweetish yet balanced and is wonderful alongside this light dessert. For fun, pour a splash over your granita.


3 Rosé Styles

Here are a few tips on pairing and choosing rosé: the first thing to consider is whether you’d like dry wine, one that’s a bit sweeter or something with fizz.

Dry Rosés

A dry rosé can be made from a range of single varietals — such as Pinot Noir, Cinsault, Sangiovese, Syrah and Grenache — and is often a blend of grapes. This style is great with light, savoury dishes such as fish, seafood, eggs, tempura and salad. It is also wonderful on its own.


Off-Dry Rosés

Off-dry rosés (which are somewhat sweet) are delicious when well-chilled and can be enjoyed on their own or with spicy or aromatic foods, such as pad Thai or chicken satays.


Sparkling Rosés  

Sparkling rosés are incredibly versatile food wines and follow the same  pairing rules as still wines, as they come in a range of sweetnesses. Moreover, they can elevate any meal — even mid-week sushi becomes a celebration with sparkling rosé.