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Gin has received an extreme makeover in recent years. Today, gin comes in colours, flavours and styles never dreamed of by old-timey gin joint barkeeps, and from countries all over the world. Here, discover coveted local offerings, gins from unexpected Scotch regions and premium gins, perfect for crafting classic cocktails.

Ontario Grain-to-Glass Gin

Foraging, fermenting and flavouring in our own backyards inspires spirits like spruce-and cedar-rich Hidden Temple Gin from Nickel 9 Distillery and also woodsy Valley of Mother of God Gin, which contains 20 hand foraged botanicals.

Beattie’s Farm Crafted Potato Gin gets its rich texture from Alliston, Ont., tubers, while Black’s Gin is distilled from Red Fife wheat, a variety developed in Peterborough, Ont., two centuries ago. And Niagara’s Tawse Gin is distilled from—you guessed it—local grapes.

Gin-spiration from the whisky world

Think of Scottish spirits, and whisky comes to mind. But Scotland is a gin  powerhouse.


Hendrick’s Gin

Hendrick’s Gin hails from the lowland region’s Girvan distillery, which also makes whisky that goes into blended Scotches.


Isle of Harris Gin

Kelp-infused Isle of Harris Gin from Scotland’s Outer Hebrides is a hop away from Skye, the island home of Talisker single malt.


Nikka Coffey Gin

Made with Japanese botanicals, Nikka Coffey Gin comes from Japan’s famous whisky brand.

In the mix

Drinks incorporating gin are some of the most famous and beloved in the cocktail canon. Here are some great bottles for mixing up the classics. 


The toast of London

Sipsmith London Dry Gin is the rare gin that’s actually made in London: It became the first new distillery to open there in 200-plus years when it debuted in 2013. 

Use in: A G&T, Vesper, highball—it’s eminently versatile.


Plymouth rocks

Made at Black Friars, England’s oldest working gin distillery, Plymouth English Gin comes from the place Cape Cod’s Plymouth Rock was named for, when the Mayflower landed there in 1620.

Use in: Martinis and citrusy gin cocktails, like the French 75.


Get the vapours

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin’s botanicals are vapour-infused for subtle and elegant aromatics. The English distillery is accredited by global authority BREEAM for its sustainable design and practices.

Use in: a Negroni, where its botanicals won’t dominate.

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