House party

Move over, gingerbread. Take inspiration from these dazzling, Instagram-worthy houses fashioned from sweet and savoury ingredients—ideal for showcasing at your next festive gathering. Here, find recipes and printable templates for preparing these impressive centrepieces. Share your creations with us @lcbofoodanddrink on Instagram.


Sweet & Salty Log Cabin

A honey-laced granola bar base, combined with sugary chocolate ganache and plenty of salty pretzels, makes this house a sweet and salty lover’s dream. There are lots of snacks that can be used to decorate the house and surrounding area, like dried fruit, salted nuts and other treats—so feel free to get creative.

Find our Sweet & Salty Log Cabin recipe and printable templates

Charcuterie Chalet

The Charcuterie Chalet is an amped up version of a charcuterie board, constructed with a crispy cracker and held together using a savoury cream cheese “frosting.” Get imaginative with the details and add plenty of meats, cheeses and veggies to encourage breaking down the house.

Get our Charcuterie Chalet recipe and printable templates



Mini Shortbread Shacks

These mini gingerbread-inspired houses are made using a shortbread cookie base, solid enough to hold up in construction but tender enough to eat without breaking a tooth. The vanilla buttercream keeps the houses together but doesn’t set as solid as classic royal icing. Decorate all the houses the same or make each one completely unique—the design and details are up to you.

Find our Mini Shortbread Shacks recipe and printable templates