East Coast eats

Canada’s summertime playground—the East Coast—inspired us to cook up a menu based on Nova Scotian food traditions that you can easily make at home. 

By Amy Rosen


Clam Fritters with Dilly Tartar Sauce

Nothing says Canada’s east coast like clams; you can go digging for them and then steam them up for supper. But freshly shucked clams are difficult to find away from summertime’s seashores, so we’ve simplified things by turning sustainably harvested canned clams into luscious fritters. A great start to a fun night!

Lobster Bisque Sips

Rich decadence, with chunks of fresh lobster and a hit of sherry: That’s what makes lobster bisque so memorable. 



Pan-Fried Haddock with Herb Salad, Spicy Vegetarian Baked Beans and Chow-Chow

Two hallmarks of great East Coast cooking are freshness and simplicity. And nothing says that more than a plate of fresh fish. Haddock is often the best choice at Nova Scotian fish-and-chips spots, but instead of deep-frying, we’re pan-frying the flaky fish and topping it with a sparky salad.

Wild Blueberry Grunt

File this one as another local delicacy. Not a pie, crumble, tart, bumble or even a cobbler, this grunt has a base of the wild blueberries the eastern provinces are known for, cooked stovetop, along with fluffy drop dumplings.