Crushing on Garlic

It’s a culinary workhorse that can change its flavour profile so easily. Roasted, it’s creamy and sweet. Used raw, it’s pungent and bold. Explore garlic’s versatility to the max in these delicious dishes. There’s everything from a quick weeknight pasta with end-of-season tomatoes to a comforting casserole, a garlicky mash-up of cassoulet and baked beans. Once a few of these reicipes are in your repertoire, you’ll look forward to garlic season every year.


The Best Garlic Bread

A staple of red-sauce joints since the ’50s, garlic bread is ready for a comeback. This version features garlic two ways—roasted, for its caramel sweetness, and raw, for its bite. Soft, crunchy, buttery and cheesy, this is the best garlic bread you’ve ever had.

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Spaghetti with Garlicky Raw Tomato Sauce & Goat Cheese

If your garden yields more tomatoes than you can possibly eat, this pasta is for you. Just toss spaghetti in a no-cook sauce of tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil. Top with tangy goat cheese, and you’re done!

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Cassoulet-Style Baked Beans with Bacon & Garlic

This dish combines the steadying comfort of baked beans with the flavours and crust of cassoulet. You could serve it with a sharply dressed green salad and baguette toasts for spreading the soft garlic.

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Slow-Roasted Chicken with Four Heads of Garlic

Four heads of garlic are roasted alongside plump chicken legs until the cloves are soft and sweet. Crusty bread is the perfect vehicle for the creamy garlic and punchy pan juices.

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Squash Tart with Garlic Confit, Gruyère & Rosemary

The real star of this autumnal tart is oil-preserved garlic confit. It’s dead simple to make and great to have on hand to flavour dressings, steamed broccoli or mashed potatoes.

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