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The BYID Card

Do you know how to get a government-issued photo ID? The BYID Card might be just right for you.

If you don’t have a government-issued photo ID, the LCBO Bring Your ID (BYID) Card might be a great choice for you. Tamper-resistant, it is endorsed by the provincial government and proves that a customer is of legal drinking age. To apply for a BYID card, you must:

• be 19-35 years old

• supply a passport-size colour photo

• include photocopies of documents proving date of birth and name

• pay a $30 fee

A guarantor must sign the back of the photo and all documentation, and fill out a section of the application. Random checks help ensure applications and guarantors are valid.

For new customers wishing to apply for a new BYID card, click here to view the standard application form online or visit any LCBO store for a copy.

Need a replacement BYID card, please contact the BYID office at 416-864-6632 or byid@lcbo.com for complete details.