Valley in the rolling green hills of Ireland

Discover Irish Gins

Distilling expertise and local botanicals give this versatile spirit its distinctive character.

Best known for its smooth, delicate whiskies, Ireland is getting into the gin game. From the Glendalough distillery south of Dublin to Dingle on the Atlantic coast, Ireland now has 22 gin distilleries and 50 gin brands, including 12 launched in 2018. And gin recently surpassed whiskey as the fastest-growing spirit in the Emerald Isle.


 While Ireland may seem new to gin, local distillers have been crafting the spirit since 1793. As the demand has risen globally in recent years, a growing number of Irish distilleries have started making gin while their whiskey matures. Small craft distillers are contributing to the “ginaissance,” taking advantage of unique Irish botanicals, from heather to meadowsweet to dillisk, to create gins with a distinctly Irish character.