A Speyside Scotch Pioneer

A Speyside Scotch Pioneer

Famous for creating Highland Single Malt Scotch in the traditional Speyside style, Glenfarclas is a family business with more than 150 years of whisky-making expertise.

The Grant family have been crafting Glenfarclas whisky using time-honoured methods passed down for six generations in Ballindalloch, Scotland. One of the oldest distilleries in the Speyside region, Glenfarclas – Gaelic for “valley of the green grass” – crafts its whisky with three ingredients: pure spring water, malted barley and yeast. It’s matured in ex-Oloroso Sherry casks made with the finest European oak, and distilled twice in traditional direct-fired stills to help maintain the rich and fruity Sherry-cask flavours. The result: an exceptionally smooth spirit with great depth of flavour.

Aged to Perfection

Glenfarclas offers a family of single malts aged from 10 to 40 years and pioneered cask-strength bottling, up to 105 British proof. Its timeless approach and adherence to tradition has paid off: the distiller produces 3.5 million litres of its whiskies annually and exports to 90 different countries around the world.