Teeling Distillery

Redefining Irish Whiskey

An Irish whiskey revolution is underway, and Teeling Whiskey Company is at the forefront with its range of innovative aged spirits and unconventional barrel finishes.

As the first new distillery to open in Dublin in 125 years, Teeling is building upon an Irish whiskey heritage that goes back to 1782, when Walter Teeling opened the family’s initial craft distillery. Today, brothers and co-owners Stephen and Jack Teeling are marrying the past and present, creating dynamic interpretations of Irish whiskey that pay tribute to the spirit’s prized traditions while boldly forging new ground.


A Spirit of Exploration

Teeling embraces the motto “dare to be different” in its production of contemporary Irish whiskies. The distillers use proprietary fermentation techniques and create unique barrel finishes with wine, beer and other spirits to develop distinctive notes. To achieve natural flavours with full depth of character, they avoid the chill filtration process and bring their spirits from the cask-strength level to a precise 46 per cent ABV.


Global Recognition

The fastest growing premium whiskey in Ireland, Teeling has won over 110 awards for its small-batch, single-grain and single malt whiskies, including Best Single Malt in the World at the 2019 World Whisky Awards for its 24 Year Old. Two new releases, Teeling Barleywine and Teeling Strong Ale, are now available exclusively in Canada at the LCBO.