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Jura: 200+ years of whisky-making excellence

This single-malt Scotch is the beating heart of a tiny island community.

Established in 1810, the Jura distillery is named for the remote island where it’s produced. Its neighbor to the east is mainland Scotland; to the west it's New York City. Jura is home to just 212 people, known affectionately as Duriachs. And their lives are tied to the island’s main export: whisky. Whether they work at the distillery, the post office, the fire station, the hotel, or the pub, Duriachs agree the beating heart of their tiny community is the stuff in this bottle.

From the outside, producing single malt whisky on a remote island may seem too hard, too arduous. But for the intrepid islanders, it’s the only way to do it right. The result: Jura Whisky is smooth, bright, and lively, just like the islanders who make it.

If you ever find yourself on the island, you won’t need cell service to find your way into town, as there’s only one road. As you come into town, you can smell the mash from the distillery, and hear the music and roars coming from the island’s one pub. You undoubtedly, will feel right at home. Slainte!

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