American Whiskey: Coast to Coast

American Whiskey: Coast to Coast

From bourbon to rye, single barrel to small-batch, a whiskey-making renaissance is sweeping America, introducing an amazing variety of spirits that invite discovery.

To those who think American whiskey is limited to just Kentucky distilled bourbon and a Tennessee sipping whiskey that goes by the name of Jack, get ready for a pleasant surprise. There's a boom in whiskey distilling that reaches far beyond the southern states, resulting in fresh interpretations of bourbon, rye and even single malts, from coast to coast. Join us as we journey across the country to explore these uniquely American spirits.


Western Wonder

Our cross-country tour begins in the far west where Seattle lays claim to one of America’s first single malts, Westland Sherry Wood American Single Malt Whiskey. Delicately aged in sherry casks, this award winner delivers a vibrant sherry character balanced with barley notes.


A Taste of Middle America

Moving to the middle of the country, Few Bourbon Whiskey in Illinois offers a distinct small-batch character with a nip of rye and smooth malt. Neighbouring Indiana is where you’ll find Templeton 6 Year Old Rye Whiskey being distilled, an exceptional value for those drawn to the spicier side of whiskey.


Northern Character

Whiskey producers in northern states are also carving out territory in unexpected places. Minnesota brings us the smoky, slightly fruity Douglas & Todd Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey. Vermont is home to the beloved WhistlePig 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey while Pennsylvania’s Resurgent Young American Bourbon proposes a smooth sipper with gentle shades of peach, pepper and vanilla.


City Craft

While American distilling may have originated in the country, there’s a clear growth of craft producers in major cities, too. Case in point: the organic-kosher distillery, Koval, in Chicago, which produces Koval Organic Single Barrel Four Grain Whiskey. Meanwhile, from the heart of Brooklyn comes the cinnamon, caramel kick of Widow Jane Aged 10 Years Blend of Straight Bourbon.


Kentucky Legends

We wind our tour down in the heartland of Kentucky, producer of most of the bourbon in the country. Beyond the classics from Elijah Craig and Baker’s, there are countless options to sip and savour, including the beautifully poised Jefferson’s Very Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon and the assertively flavoured Yellowstone Select Bourbon Whiskey.


Inspired to sample these regions for yourself? Start with these offerings, and explore other distilleries around the world, too.