Meet Our New Wine Shelf Tags

LCBO's new wine shelf tag features sweetness, body, flavour intensity, acidity, tannins and sugar content descriptors

Here's an easy new way to find out if a wine is right for you. Check out our new shelf tags, which feature more product information to help you understand what each wine tastes like. Using the range of dots on the tag, you can now see at a glance how a wine corresponds to a range of categories, from sweetness to body to flavour intensity and more.

Know Your Wine


Sweetness refers to the perception of how sweet a wine tastes in your mouth and does not necessarily correspond to its actual sugar content.

One dot represents Extra Dry and scales up to five dots for Sweet.


This is the perception of “weight” in a wine. A light-bodied wine will feel lighter in your mouth than a full-bodied one.

One dot represents Light body and scales up to five dots for Full bodied.

Flavour Intensity

Intensity describes how strong a wine’s flavours appear on your palate. Bold flavours means it’s an intense wine; soft and mellow delivery means it has a subtle flavour intensity.

One dot represents Subtle and scales up to five dots for Bold flavour intensity.

Tannins (Red Wine)

Tannins are more about the texture or mouth feel. They’re responsible for adding structure to red wines and produce a drying, puckering sensation.

One dot represents Low tannins and scales up to five dots for High tannins.

Acidity (White Wine)

Acidity is what gives white wine its crisp and refreshing flavour, and can range from soft and light, like ripe pear, to crisp and bright, like lemon.

One dot represents Soft acidity and scales up to five dots for Crisp acidity.