Fresh Summer Salad Ideas

Looking for ways to revamp your salad bowl? We asked recipe developer Jennifer MacKenzie to toss around some ideas for getting creative with ingredients from three of her fantastic wedge salad recipes. Bring on the summer salads!


Sesame-Soy Cabbage Wedge Salad

The Sesame-Soy Dressing in this recipe lends a new twist to a wedge salad. This versatile dressing — made with soy sauce, tahini and sesame oil — can add Asian flavours to myriad other salads and hot dishes, too.

Double or triple the dressing recipe and store it in a squeeze bottle or jar in the fridge for up to a month. Drizzle it on bowls of hearty greens or shredded cabbage, radish and carrots to make coleslaw (or even shortcut it by using bagged slaw mix). It also does double-duty as a stir-fry sauce for chicken, pork, tofu, shrimp and veggies.

Craving noodles? No need to go out. Sauté up the mushrooms, onions and ginger from the Wedge Salad recipe and thinly slice some fresh cabbage, julienne carrots and cucumber. Then toss the dressing with cooked rice noodles. Garnish with the vegetables, cilantro and peanuts, and serve hot or cold.


Diner Dinner Wedge Salad

While you’re prepping this blast-from-the-past salad (and even if you’re not making the whole recipe), whisk up a double batch of the classic Thousand Island Dressing. Keep it in a squeeze bottle or jar to add pizzazz (and a little retro flair) to a week’s worth of dinners.

Dollop it on a plate of sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, or serve it as a dip to accompany a platter of grilled or raw vegetables.

Add zip to your sandwich salads by mixing the dressing (instead of plain mayo) into tuna, egg, chicken or chickpeas. Or slather on burgers.

Kitchen Hack: When you’re using the last of the ketchup, mix your dressing right in the container (use a funnel to pour in ingredients) so you can use every single drop of the ketchup and repurpose the squeeze bottle to store the dressing. It works for mustard and mayo bottles, too.


Grilled Radicchio Wedge Salad with Orange-Poppyseed Dressing

Save a trip to the store with this DIY dressing made with ingredients you likely have on hand! No poppy seeds? No problem. Sub in sesame or hemp seeds, or simply leave them out.

This sweet-and-tangy dressing is a nice change from plain vinaigrette on a baby greens or spinach salad. Try it on a marinated cauliflower salad as well.

Add a splash to sautéed vegetables, or drizzle dressing over fish fillets just before grilling for a quick flavour boost. It even makes a great marinade for chicken or pork.

Does your family like chicken fingers? Take cooked chicken fingers for a dip in Orange-Poppyseed Dressing for a change from the usual plum sauce.

Branch out from the savoury and drizzle dressing over a fruit salad for brunch. Or toss with fresh strawberries and spoon over vanilla sponge or angel food cake, or even bowls of ice cream for dessert.