Top Canadian Hot Sauces

The sweet, the savoury and the spicy: Say hello to a tantalizing Ontario-made lineup of this summer’s hottest condiment.

Top Canadian Hot Sauces

Stasis Preserves Chocolate Habanero Hot Sauce

This unusual hot sauce gives new meaning to hot chocolate with its blend of sweet and heat — it's outstanding on grilled veggies!

Sachili Infused Oil

Made with organic red chilies, garlic and coconut sugar, Sachili works with everything from burger patties to pasta and potato salad.

Local South Pond Farms Hotter Than Hades Honey

Hotter Than Hades Honey is infused with fiery chili peppers, making it a divine dipping sauce for grilled chicken.

Heartbeat Red Habanero Hot Sauce

Made in small batches in Thunder Bay, Ont., Heartbeat Red Habanero is cooled down with sweet bell peppers. Squeeze a little into your favourite barbecue sauce.