Bitter Cocktails

Whether it’s bitterly cold outside or you’re just not that into Valentine’s Day, recipe developer Christopher St. Onge has a cocktail for the occasion. Check out his collection of anti–Valentine’s Day recipes — they’re deliciously bittersweet.

“Bitter cocktails are growing in popularity as people embrace more sophisticated flavours,” says Christopher. “Bitter tastes shine when mixed with complementary tastes like citrus, spice, sugar or smoke. It’s all about finding that perfect balance.”


Beginner’s Luck

This long, cool cocktail is a great place to begin your introduction to bitter cocktails. Aperol is often cited as Campari lite, and indeed it’s less bitter and less alcoholic than its cousin.


Salt & Smoke

Strike the perfect cocktail balance by shaking up this delicious mix — it is bitter, sour, sweet and salty all at once. Margarita-inspired, here each ingredient in the classic recipe has been swapped to up the ante, with remarkable results.


Angostura & Coffee Flip

A riff on an arresting cocktail made with a full ounce of Angostura bitters, this one features a little bitter coffee too.