Opportunities For 2022

Food & Drink continues to be more relevant than ever. We deliver the engaging product and food content that customers want, letting them experience it when or where they want to.We create a friendly environment for trade partners to communicate with our audience about your products and brands.

Food & Drink continues to engage with and inspire our customers. They have more options for how to shop with us, whether browsing in store, or using ecommerce channels and picking up in their local LCBO. Customers can gain product knowledge through different channels or engage with our knowledgeable staff.

More than ever, our readers continue to let us know they still want their Food & Drink. Demand for over 530,000 print copies remains strong province-wide and customers picking up ecommerce and same-day pickup orders are excited when they can include a magazine with their order.

Food & Drink is there to enhance customers’ digital experience. A growing number of readers enjoy the digital editions, with over 8 million page views and counting annually. MyLCBO newsletter subscribers enjoy early access to each digital issue.Our content comes to life on our popular Food & Drink Instagram and LCBO Facebook accounts, and through LCBO Virtual Events.


Traditional advertising. Content-forward advertorials. Integrated social and digital opportunities. Food & Drink offers a proven opportunity to present your products to LCBO customers when they’re ready.

Run of Press Advertising 

Showcase your brand and your product to an interested reader in our print and digital editions.

Advertorial, Custom & Integrated Content 

We can help you present your products in a unique context, supported by engaging, quality content.

Social, Digital, Video, eCommerce

Opportunities Work with Food & Drink to strategically support your LCBO in-store and digital promotional opportunities.

Opportunities for Trade Partners

We’re working hard on upcoming issues right now.

Autumn 2021 issue: Ad closing Jul 16; in stores Sept 15

September means Ontario, as we shine the spotlight on local makers and products.

Holiday 2021 issue: Ad closing Sept 10; in stores Nov 10

The big one. Our largest, most popular issue of the year, celebrating all things Holiday.

Spring 2022 issue: Ad closing Jan 4; in stores Mar 2

Let’s celebrate hope and new beginnings with our Spring issue.

Early Summer 2022 issue: Ad closing Mar 4; in stores May 4

In May we’ll appreciate the coming Summer and make the most of what’s unique in Ontario.

Summer 2022 issue: Ad closing Apr 29; in stores June 29

As always, our late-June issue will tee up the perfect refreshments for summer fun.

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E: kirby@beachesmediaservices.com