Filu 'e Ferru

700 mL bottle  |   LCBO#:  628452

The Filu 'e Ferru' distilled liquor, called 'Acquavite di Sardegna' in Italian, has Sardinian origins. Translated literally, its name means 'iron wire'. The name dates back to a couple of centuries ago and comes from the method of hiding the distilled liquor from law enforcement bodies in the Prohibition period, when the spirit was produced clandestinely. Different to other liquors on the market, this Filu 'e Ferru is produced from the distillation of selected Vernaccia pomaces. Left to ferment in specific containers, they undergo a first distillation with vapour current only after one month of fermentation. After a long resting period that lasts for around two months they are distilled again, but in discontinuous copper, paying attention to the separation between head and tails in the distilled liquor. Only the heart, the most refined part of the product, is destined for bottling. Transparent, clear, with typical sents of Grappa, with excellent flavours of Vernaccia. A unique thanks to its savoury flavour, delicateness and softness. The essence of Vernaccia is identified within it.