Peller Signature Series Brix Vidal Icewine 2014

375 mL bottle  |   VINTAGES#:  11987

Canadian Icewine must reach a minimum of 35° Brix. (Brix is a unit of measurement of the concentration of grape sugars. One degree Brix corresponds to about 10 g/L of sugar.) An intensely cold winter concentrated the juice in the grapes for this wine to extreme levels until it hit the unprecedented mark of 50° Brix. Aromas of toffee, fresh figs and roasted hazelnuts precede a viscous, silky mouthfeel and flavours of figs, dates and baked blue plums. Slowly sip this luxurious wine to savour its complexity, or serve with aged full-flavoured cheeses, pâté or raisin custard pie.

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