Winter Sangria

Temps des Fêtes 2015
food and drink

BY: James Chatto

How about a Winter Sangria? It’s a very simple adjustment, using Benedictine & Brandy liqueur instead of brandy. To make it, combine 2 oz of the B&B, 2 oz of Cointreau and the juice of an orange in a jug and drop in a cinnamon stick. Set it in the fridge for an hour, next to a bottle of dry red Rioja such as Montecillo Crianza Rioja. Just before the guests arrive, add fruit to the jug—half an orange and half a lemon cut into wheels, and a few cranberries for visual glamour. Pour in the wine. Serve in Highball glasses over ice, topped up with a splash of soda, if desired. It should yield six to eight drinks. For a larger group, multiply the amounts and use a punch bowl instead of a jug, but save the ice and soda for the glasses, not the bowl. There’s nothing worse than an over-diluted punch.