Beet & Pickle Caesar

JUIN 2018

BY: Michelle P. E. Hunt/Laura Panter

Our national cocktail, the Caesar, is always a crowd-pleaser. Try our fresh twist, featuring pickled beet juice for extra depth of flavour. This is a great drink to welcome the gang for a special occasion!

1 lime wedge
Celery salt
1½ oz vodka
1 oz pickled beet juice
2 dashes each Worcestershire and Tabasco® sauces
4 to 5 oz Mott’s Clamato® juice
Dill pickle slices, for garnish

Rim glass with lime and celery salt. Fill glass with ice and add vodka, beet juice, Worcestershire and Tabasco. Top with Clamato and stir until mixed. Garnish with pickle slices.

Makes 1 cocktail

What to Serve