Easy Homemade Chips

Été 2014
food and drink

BY: Robert Hercz

Nothing is easier (or more fun, especially with kids) than making your own microwave chips. Fifteen minutes from right now, you could be enjoying a batch of fresh, warm potato chips.

SLICE A POTATO (peeling is optional) paper thin (a mandoline is best, though a vegetable peeler or a knife and some patience work too), brush or spray both sides with vegetable oil and lay the slices, without overlapping, on a sheet of parchment paper.

PLACE DIRECTLY on microwave turntable and cook on high. Times will vary (3 to 6 minutes is typical) with microwave power and chip thickness, so watch carefully: when the slices are uniformly brown, they’re done; a few more seconds and they’ll start to burn.

SPRINKLE WITH SALT (and, optionally, seasonings like pepper, onion or garlic powder and smoked paprika). They’ll get crisper as they cool. Try not to eat too many.

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