widget: accordian → Example

Accordian Main Title (Optional)

widget: article feature → Example

Section Title (Optional)

Article Title (Optional)

This is an article feature widget. A single hyperlink is available using the "file picker" tool. Additional links are not possible as the CMS attempts to display the HTML code if you attempt to use it. Example: Link



6x2 layout below with larger image area:

widget: carousel → Example

widget: Hero + Paginated Article → Example

Mini Title (Optional)

Title (Required)

Quote (Required)

This is the body content. Multiple hyperlinks are supported. Long content pages will automatically paginate.

widget: Hero Image+Text → Example

Pick (Optional)

Heading (Required)

Subheading (Optional)

This is a source-code hyperlink placed within the "Blurb" field. Image can be on the left or right.

This is the widget's actual hyperlink ›

widget: Rich Text Editor → Example

Top Heading (Optional)

Practically anything is allowed in this widget, though the ICE team member must be careful to ensure that breakpoints are adhered to, otherwise the responsive design can break. Additionally, all links are hard-coded except for the optional image which uses the file-picker tool.

widget: Section Header → Example

Section Title - Links technically possible.

widget: Sub Title with Quote → Example

Sub Title (Required)

Quote (Required)
links work by adding HTML

widget: Triple/Quad Image → Example

Title 1 (Optional)

Title 2 (Optional)

Title 3 (Optional)

widget: Product List

widget: Related Article