Frequently Asked Questions

New Arrivals

How do I know what products are being released every two weeks?

1.      Subscribe to the Vintages Latest e-newsletter for alerts and details about each release. Sign up now..
2.      Read our bi-weekly Release Catalogue. Pick up a copy in your local store.
3.      In stores, look for the New Arrivals signs in the Vintages section.

Can I order New Arrivals online?

All the products in our bi-weekly releases can be ordered online at lcbo.com or through our app, starting at 9 a.m. on release date (every second Saturday).

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Essentials Collection

These hand-selected, finely crafted wines from around the world are proven favourites and benchmarks for top styles and regions. Unlike our bi-weekly “new releases” that are gone once they sell out, Essentials are always available online and in stores.

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Classics Collection

How can I see the products in the collection?

View our bi-monthly Classics Collection catalogue online.

How do I order?

Ordering for each new collection starts the first Thursday of the month at 8:30 a.m.

You can order online or order by phone by calling 416-365-5900 or toll-free 1-800-668-5226, Monday-Friday, 8.30 a.m.– 6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.– 6 p.m., except holidays.

How do I pick up my order?

Orders are shipped to the LCBO store of your choice, free of charge. Delivery is normally up to 2 weeks within the GTA, and up to 6 weeks outside the GTA.

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Special Offers

What’s an allocated offer?

When demand for a product or offer is expected to be significantly greater than our supply, customers submit their orders up to a pre-stated deadline and products are randomly allocated to customer orders based on an algorithm. Per-customer limits are applied to maximize order fulfillment.

What is real inventory?

Real inventory refers to products that are already in our warehouse and ready to ship when you order.

What is virtual inventory?

Virtual inventory refers to products that will be shipped to our warehouse at a future date. You pay a non-refundable deposit on ordering and the balance when the products arrive in our warehouse.

Is there a limit to how much I can order?

For non-allocated offers (real and virtual inventory), orders are usually first-come, first served. Per-customer limits may apply from 8:30-10:30 a.m. on the day ordering opens.

When do I pay for my order?

Real inventory: Pay in full (online or by phone) when you order.
Real inventory (allocated): Pay in full (online or by phone) within 3 days of your order being confirmed.
Virtual inventory: Pay a 25% non-refundable deposit (online or by phone) when you order and the balance once you are notified that your products have arrived in our warehouse.

How do I pick up my order?

Orders are shipped to the LCBO store of your choice, free of charge.

• Real inventory: Delivery is normally up to 2 weeks after order date within the GTA, and up to 6 weeks outside the GTA.
• Virtual inventory: If you ordered online, you’ll receive an email notification for balance of payment when the products arrive in our warehouse. If you ordered by phone, you will be contacted by phone. Once you pay the balance owing, delivery to the store of your choice is up to 2 weeks within the GTA, and up to 6 weeks outside the GTA.

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Bordeaux Futures

What are Bordeaux Futures?

Wines from Bordeaux, the world’s most famous wine region, are always in demand. Because of this, many wines are bought as “futures” – that is, while they’re still ageing in the barrel! Here’s how it works: Vintages buyers and wine critics from around the globe travel to Bordeaux in the spring to taste the wines from the previous fall’s harvest; guided by the impressions of our buyers and the critics, customers decide which wines to buy – there are prices to fit most budgets. Two years later, these wines are bottled and delivered to customers all over the world. Buying Futures is a great way to get top wines early, and at potentially lower prices, and is an annual tradition for many collectors and budding enthusiasts.

Are Bordeaux Futures expensive?

We offer a wide selection of Futures at prices that will fit the budget of anyone from new fine-wine buyers to long-time collectors.

Can I order just one bottle?

Yes. There’s no minimum order requirement.

Do I pay in advance?

We require a 25% non-refundable deposit when you order. The balance is due when the wines arrive in our warehouse. You will be emailed a receipt.

Will my wine arrive exactly three years after I order it?

Bordeaux Futures begin arriving in our warehouse approximately two years after ordering starts (three years after vintage date), beginning in spring. Due to varying bottling times with each chateau, the wines are delivered to stores for customer pickup throughout the stated “arrival year,” as they arrive in our warehouse. You will be notified by store staff when your order arrives.

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What kinds of events does Vintages host?

Virtual Events: Like our in-person events, virtual events are fun and insightful tastings with guest winemakers, winery proprietors and industry experts (including LCBO buyers and Product Consultants) presented on YouTube Live. Our hosts will take you through a tasting of iconic regions and styles, or explore wines from a particular producer. In some cases, we’ll publish a list of wines to be tasted by event panellists in advance so you can buy a couple and follow along live; in other cases, wines will be available to order via a special online offer after the event.

Walk-around Tastings: A walk-around tasting is generally a large, casual event with a number of wine or spirit producers represented. Guests visit different stations at their own pace and taste wines poured by winery representatives or Vintages experts.

Structured Tastings: Structured tastings feature a winemaker(s) or producer(s) who leads guests as a group through the tasting of a selection of their wines or spirits.

Winemaker Dinners: These are typically multi-course dinners served at top restaurants and feature wines from well-known wineries or wine regions. The evening includes a special guest (often the winemaker or a winery principal) who presents the wines and mingles with attendees. 

What is included in my ticket price?

Your ticket includes entrance to the event and the opportunity to taste the featured wines or spirits, plus food.

Is food served at the Walk-around Tastings?

Yes. We provide substantial appetizers plus a variety of cheeses and other fare.

Is there a dress code?

The dress code for our events is typically business attire, however, guests can use their judgment based on event type and venue.

Do you provide me with a list of wines being tasted so I can look for them in stores later?

You will be provided with a list and/or a tasting booklet with product details. Depending on the event, products may be available in stores, or you may be able to place an order online during or after the event.

I don't know much about wine. Will someone tell me about the wines being tasted?

Knowledgeable LCBO staff, wine agents and producers attend our events to provide you with product information.

Can I return event tickets?

Event tickets are non-refundable. If you are not able to attend, you can give or sell your tickets to someone else, provided they are of legal drinking age. All guests must present a digital or printed version of their ticket at the registration deck. If you bought a ticket for someone who’s not attending with you, please ensure they have it in advance and bring it to the event. Special exceptions may be made in those instances where you have recently tested positive for COVID-19. No refunds will be issued to patrons who fail to comply with the applicable public health guidelines at the time of the event.

What is Vintages doing to promote responsible drinking?

All event serving staff are Smart Serve-certified. In addition, spittoons, water stations and food will be available at the event.

What do you do with the photos taken at an event?

Photos may be used for to showcase the event experience on lcbo.com, or on LCBO’s Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media feeds. Should you not wish to be photographed, simply advise the photographer.

Can I purchase products after the event?

Depending on the event, you may be able to

a) Order event products at the event with delivery to the store of your choice. Arrival times vary and a deposit may be required.

b) Purchase event products later in Vintages stores.

c) Order event products online as part of a special offer (for advance notice of online offers, sign up for the VintagesLatest e-newsletter.

If I buy a ticket for an event, does it guarantee me first chance at products later available for order?

Attendance at an event does not guarantee that order requests will be filled, as products may be limited and/or may sell out. Vintages reserves the right to apply limits on any product in the interest of equitable distribution. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Can seating at Winemaker Dinners be pre-arranged?

We assign seating, usually in tables of 4 to 8. Groups wishing to be seated together can make a request when purchasing tickets online.

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Private Ordering

How can I purchase products that the LCBO doesn’t carry?

The LCBO’s Private Ordering team handles requests about importing products not available in our stores. This service is for Ontario residents only. Call 416-864-6739 or toll-free 1-800-668-5144.

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Shipping Restrictions

Does the LCBO ship products throughout Canada and to the U.S.A?

The LCBO does not ship outside of Ontario.

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Organic Products

How do I know if wines are organic?

For a wine to be certified organic, organic practices must be followed from field to bottle. Any product sold as organic in our stores has been vetted and approved by our Quality Assurance department. Visit lcbo.com/organic for more information.

Visit helloLCBO.com for the latest list of organic LCBO and Vintages products. 

Select store locations feature organic wine sections. Contact your local store for more info.

We include designations for organic, biodynamic and sustainable products with the tasting notes in the bi-weekly Vintages catalogue. Look for them just below the product number.

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Sugar Content

What’s the difference between the sugar content (e.g., 5 g/L) and perceived sweetness (e.g., XD) scales on your shelf signs and online product descriptions?

Sugar content refers to the actual amount of sugar in the wine, expressed in grams per litre. A dry wine such as Cabernet Sauvignon might have a residual sugar content of 4 g/L, while sweet Icewine can have 200 g/L or more.

Perceived sweetness is a rating system based on how sweet a wine tastes, expressed as (XD) Extra Dry; (D) Dry; (M) Medium; (MS) Medium Sweet; (S) Sweet 

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