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Easy Easter

This year, many Ontarians will celebrate Easter in intimate gatherings with immediate family. Still, there’s no reason the meal can’t be sensational. We’ve hunted down a clutch of quality wines to pair excellently with Easter entrées, conventional or otherwise.

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Serving beef?

If pot roast or steak is on the menu, a bigger, bolder red wine with good flavour intensity and a fair bit of tannin structure will pair nicely. The tannins in the wine and protein in the food will create textural harmony while the wine’s deep, dark flavours will complement the dish.

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Serving lamb?

It’s no wonder the red wines of Bordeaux (and Bordeaux-inspired blends from cool climates) are classic with roast lamb. The wine’s bold-yet-elegant body and texture balance the dish perfectly while the dark, herb-tinged fruit flavours of Cabernet and Merlot are on point.

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Serving pork?

Pork roast and pork chops are among those foods that pair equally well with red or white wines, especially those with brilliant acidity to slice through the richness of the dish. Recipes featuring apples are revelatory with Riesling, while those with tomatoes are brilliant with Brunello.

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Serving chicken?

Roast chicken is a wonderful pairing with dry white wines. A bigger-bodied or lightly oaked wine with plenty of natural acidity has the extra oomph to match the weight and flavour of the dish (even your homemade chicken gravy) while refreshing the palate between bites.

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Serving salmon?

If you think red wine and fish don’t mix, consider this your wake-up call. An elegant cool-climate Pinot Noir with its tangy berry fruit, smoky and floral notes, and subtle structure is one of the great wine pairings for salmon, particularly if the fish is herb-crusted or nicely seared.

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Serving ratatouille?

Eschewing the meat for a hearty ratatouille? Pink bubbly will pair brilliantly, particularly if it’s got a kiss of sweetness to counterpoint the savoury flavours of the dish. What’s that? You’re a red-wine lover? No worries; a lithe, low-tannin red will also match marvellously.

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