Quality. Assured.

The LCBO Lab

Our Quality Assurance experts at The LCBO Lab are committed to bringing Ontario only the best in quality and innovation. That’s why 621,939 tests were conducted on 25,338 product samples just last year.

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We ensure every product you find in-store and online is safe and meets Health Canada’s regulatory standards. In fact, The LCBO Lab’s standards are used as a benchmark by other Canadian liquor jurisdictions and alcohol producers. We cover all fronts, from screening for things like illegal additives, sugar, and caffeine levels to label accuracy and sustainability practices.

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The Sweetness Algorithm

Sugar levels alone don’t always correlate with sweetness. That’s why we created an algorithm to assign wines a unique sweetness profile. We test for sugar and acidity levels so you know how sweet or dry a wine tastes before you try it. Look for sweetness descriptors online and on store shelves.

Label Accuracy

Knowing what’s in your favourite products is important. That’s why we chemically analyze products to reveal any hidden contaminants or additives and to confirm that what’s on the label is honest and true. Ones that don’t meet our standards don’t meet you either.

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Caffeine Content


Mixing alcohol with higher levels of caffeine can mask the effects of alcohol, making you feel more alert and increasing the possibility of overconsumption. That’s why we test products to ensure they contain no more than 30 mg of caffeine per serving.