Our lightweight glass bottle initiative has reduced annual waste by 6 million kg. That’s the weight of 60 blue whales.

The LCBO has been an international leader in reducing beverage alcohol container waste for close to a decade. Central to this initiative is our lightweight standard 420-gram bottle, affectionately known around the world as the Canada Bottle.

We sell more than 100 million bottles of wine a year, which come from around the world. There’s no good reason why these bottles should have excess weight, yet some have historically weighed almost a kilogram! So far, almost 90 per cent and more than 900 different wines meet our 420-gram standard. This is resulting in a six million kilogram annual waste reduction and a 20 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas generation.

Our suppliers tell us that the lightweight glass standard is also having an effect on how wine is packaged around the world, which demonstrates how the LCBO can use its purchasing capacity and influence to have a positive environmental impact well beyond our borders.

Given that the LCBO’s number one wine region is Ontario, with over $450 million in sales a year, and the vast majority of these products retail under $16, it was important to find a domestic glass manufacturer to produce bottles to fit the specifications. It was Owens-Illinois that stepped up and responded with a range of lightweight glass bottles manufactured locally in its Brampton, ON, plant.

This sustainability effort is just another example of how the LCBO is always taking care.