Quality & Safety

Safe & Authentic

Before a product is put on sale, it must be tasted, tested and authenticated by our Quality Assurance (QA) department to confirm it is safe to consume and meets federal and provincial compositional, packaging and labeling standards.

The LCBO conducts more than 630,000 laboratory tests and tastes more than 7,000 products each year. These tests confirm that the products are safe to consume, are authentic and meet the standards set out in Canada’s Food and Drugs Act and the Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and their related regulations.

LCBO’s world-renowned laboratory meets high standards set by the Geneva-based International Organizations for Standardization and is registered under ISO 9001, as well as under ISO/IEC 17025, a designation specific to chemistry laboratories.

Chemical data generated by the LCBO QA laboratory is used by Canadian and international regulatory bodies to establish or confirm safe levels of trace contaminants and food additives. In addition, the findings of LCBO’s QA laboratory are widely used as benchmarks by other Canadian liquor jurisdictions, as well as beverage alcohol producers.