Quality & Safety

Allergen Declarations

You probably don’t consider beverage alcohol as a potential source of food allergens. However, many allergens regulated under the Canadian Food and Drug Regulations can be found in beverage alcohol products.

In August 2012, the Canadian government enacted legislation that requires mandatory declaration of any priority allergens in food, including beverage alcohol.

At LCBO, our QA department reviews product labels for compliance against federal and provincial labelling requirements and to identify any products that may require allergen declarations. Product labels that are incomplete or missing an allergen declaration are corrected before they go on store shelves.

The most common allergens found in LCBO products are sulphites in wine and gluten in beer.

Although most beers produced from grains contain gluten from barley or wheat, beers are currently exempt from the Canadian allergen regulations.

For additional information about food allergies and Canadian allergen labelling requirements, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Food Allergies and Allergen Labelling website.

For additional information about labelling requirements for beverage alcohol products, visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s Labelling Requirements for Alcoholic Beverages website.